Media Routes Application Delivery Framework (ADF) is a key component of Service Delivery Platform (SDP). It is a software framework for delivering Communications Applications as either multi-tenant or single tenant Enterprise-wide services. ADF is required by Service Providers; Cloud Operators offering Communications Applications in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, as well as Enterprises that want to deploy SDP directly on their premises.

It consists of key components to manage Enterprise Services as subscription based value added offerings in both public and private Cloud environments. ADF consists of the following components:

  • Customer & Order Management
    • Subscriber and Subscription Database
    • Order Management workflows
  • Service Provider, Enterprise and User Self-Care Portals

Customer and Order Management

Customer and Order management is an important part of ADF that provides customer on-boarding use cases and workflows with Enterprise signup, new account creation, self-care and other portals setup for the enterprises and its users, initial configurations after signup according to subscription etc.


Subscriber & Subscription Database (SnS)

SnS is an integral part of Customer and Order Management. This database implements the virtualized partition of each tenant of the SDP operator. It contains the tenant’s enterprise applications data, policies and quota information of each tenant.  The following information resides in SnS database:

  • Enterprise information
  • Subscription information e.g. Applications subscribed etc.
  • Application related data e.g. Enterprise PBX extensions
  • Enterprise specific media files, IVR trees and other services related data
  • Enterprise specific application logs, Call Records and history for billing, Charging and Audit purposes

Self-Care Portals

ADF includes web-based self-care portals for Enterprises as well as individual enterprise users. These portals enable enterprises to effectively manage their Communications Applications. Enterprises can create their extensions, configure them, create their IVRs Menus and actions, set their off and on hours Auto-Attendants on different corporate  phone numbers, set call routing and priorities, manage Hunt-Groups and many other features using this web-based self-care portal.


Similarly, individual company employees can manage their own extensions and perform tasks such as changing Voice Mail PIN code, personalized voice mail greetings, set different types of call forwarding etc. using the web-based self care.


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