Media Server Node

These are software processes that run the server application that handles media. Media Server has a corresponding Connector in the SDSE available to Application scripts that exposes its own set of service APIs for media handling. Media Connector communicates with Media server Node using standard SIP protocol with a standardized XML based language called MSCML (Media Server Control Markup Language) embedded in the body of SIP INFO messages. As a result of separate Media serving nodes, Media handling, which is typically more CPU intensive can be scaled and distributed across multiple CPU cores, multiple physical servers, and even geographically distributed servers in isolation from the other parts of SDSE such as Applications nodes.
Media handling involves all media related tasks such as:

  • Media Relaying and Proxy
  • Media Trans-Coding
  • Multi-party Conference handling
  • Media Recording
  • Collection of user entered digits during multi-media sessions as DTMF
  • Playing of Pre-stored Media files for use cases such as:
    • Ring-back tones and Dial tones
    • Announcements
    • IVR prompts and menus
  • Handling of incoming Fax
  • Video Relaying

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