DIAMETER Connector is an implementation of standard DIAMETER base protocol as defined in RFC 3588 and related RFCs.  Since it is a built-in core Connector of Media Routes SDSE, It is implemented in pure ANSI C. DIAMETER Connector also exposes an API to user applications layered on top of it. User applications can be written as DIAMETER clients and DIAMETER servers while using this API.


Simialr to RADIUS, the DIAMETER Connector also separates the DIAMETER applications layer from the core protocol processing layer. The core protocol layer takes care of DIAMETER peer connectivity state machines, parsing and generation DIAMETER messages, adding and removing of DIAMETER attributes from messages based on DIAMETR dictionary file (which is an XML file that can eeasily edited in an ordinary text editor), and demultiplexing incoming messages to destination DIAMETER applications.


When a new message arrives, it is parsed and an its attributes are genrated in a neutral XML format and passed to the correct target application implemented as an script. The script uses the powerful DIAMETER Connector API to manipulate DIAMETER messages and attributes, and then pass them on to the DIAMETER stack. DIAMETER stack takes care of the core protocol processing issues such as encoding of attributes, creating protocol compliant DIAMETER messages, and transporting them to peers.


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