RADIUS Connector is an implementation of standard RADIUS protocol client as defined in RFC 2865 and related RFCs.  Since it is a built-in core Connector of SDSE, It is implemented in pure ANSI C.


RADIUS Connector also exposes an API to user applications layered on top of it. User applications can be written as RADIUS clients and RADIUS servers while using this API.


RADIUS Connector fully supports advanced RADIUS features that are essential for implementing complex Service Management scenarios such as:

  • Authentication of various types including SIP Digest Authentication
  • Change of Authorization (CoA)
  • Disconnect Message

All supported RADIUS attributes in the stack are driven by a dictionary that is based on an XML file
RADIUS Connector implements an API exposed to run-time scripts wirtten in JavaScript.


RADIUS stack implements the core RADIUS protocol parsing, message creation, header verification, MD5 calculations and transport handling.etc. and also complete logic of RADIUS Authentication,  Authorization, Re-Auhtorization, unit-reservation for prepaid scenarios and Accounting.


Applications have control over RADIUS packets via exposed API for inclusion or removal of any RADIUS attributes in RADIUS messages before sending them as requests or responses to NAS clients or peers.


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