Operators Revenue Models

Media Routes offers value added communications services for carriers of different types. Such applications come with a complete suite of OSS / BSS products as well as service control products over Radius and Diameter interfaces.

Media Routes slogan of No CapEx, No OpEx allows service providers, carriers and operators to offer Media Routes services to their existing customer base and earn added revenue coming from these value added services.

Depending on the nature of the service and the integration models, Media Routes application servers may or may not be aware of the Subscribers and their identities. Media Routes offers the following revenue sharing models with operators

  • Per Subscriber
    In this model, Media Routes is aware of the Subscriber and its identity. Operator charges a monthly or periodic charge to its subscribers and Media Routes shares a portion of that.

  • Per Subscription
    In this model, Media Routes is only aware of the Subscription information of customers. The operator is charging a subscription charge to its customers and share a portion of that with Media Routes

  • Per Minute

    In this model, Media Routes is either not aware of the Subscribers and Subscriptions or the operator prefers to share revenue only based on the number of minutes Media Routes services are actually used. Media Routes subscriber managers allow operators to provision millions of subscribers without any cost to them and the operators only pay when any of the subscribers actually use these value added services.

  • Per Call

  • Percentage of gross revenue
    In this model, is aware of the gross revenue being processed and the operator chooses to share with Media Routes a percentage of its gross revenue.

  • Percentage of profit
    In this model, Media Routes is aware of both the revenue and the cost sides of the operator and the operator chooses to share a portion of its profit on the services.

  • Concurrent Call Limits
    In this model, the operator takes a maximum number of concurrent calls that it will use and Media Routes will provision the resources required for that. Charges are based on this number and operator can use services up to this limit.

Relation to Integration Models

The revenue sharing models depend on the integration model and the level and points of integration between the operator and Media Routes.


In most cases, there is no CapEx involved for the operator nor is there any OpEx. It is pure extra revenue for the operators where they capitalize on their existing customer base, their network and maximize the potential offered by these assets through Value Added Services offered by Media Routes

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